Monday, March 3, 2014

It's been a while blog friends! (Updates and con reports including GottaCon 2014)

Hey blog world, I haven't posted in quite some time. My Cat passed away last year so staying motivated was a little tough for a while. I have been working lots and arting hard to get ready for Tsukino con 2014 and GottaCon 2014. As some of you who may know me I am the Artist Alley and Vendors Liaison for Tsukino con. Everything went smoothly and the con was a huge success. GottaCon 2014 I networked a ton and it personally trumped any con I have ever been to. At GottaCon I bought a new board game Pandemic. It is a lot of fun as you work with the other players and not against them to save the world from 4 deadly diseases. I also got the expansion that adds the element of one of the players being a bio terrorist and a new disease to cure. I look forward to playing them on my b'day. I also bought Malifaux Claws and Fangs and Everblight Archangel that I will be building, converting and maybe start to paint today down at the Rabbit Hole for hobby day. I also met lot of really cool people and possibly found 2-3+ jobs that I have always dreamed of having. 

Also if you like gaming, models, painting and Dragons you should check out Drake. Only 4 more days till the kickstarter ends. 

Anyways off to go hobby. I will leave you some photos of the costumes I wore to the cons. ^.=.^

~Dezzy <3

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