Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Regarding Gottacon

Gottacon was a blast! Well it did have it's down sides, but all in all pretty fun. I entered my Harpy in the painting contest, she didn't win but she got some great reviews. 
The dealers were better this year and I got some primo stuff. Two Master Grade Gundam model kits (Wing Gundam that Transforms into a plane and Deathscythe), chainmail bracelet, black leather dragon bracelet, Official AVP Predator shuriken with real blades, Soul Eater Manga 2-4, three dice bags and some dice, and lastly a health and mana potion bottle for my Link costume.
Besides entering the painting contest, I also entered the costume contest dressed as Flink (Female Link) and DTI computers contest for a gaming vest, surround sound speakers or a gaming mouse. I won Honorable mention for my costume and got an Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Helmet. I also was interviewed by Chek TV called Gamers Gather Feb 4. As for the DTI contest, I got a call today and won the gaming mouse.
 As I said earlier Gottacon had down sides, during one of the Zombies!!!! game I accidentally ingested something I was slightly allergic to (not in it's usual form) and felt as if my insides were melting (I would hate to see what the actual thing would do to me.) This happened on Saturday, so I was a little sore come Sunday. I caught a real nasty cold due to the attack on my immune system. Thankfully I'm feeling better than I was yesterday.

Well I'm going to get some sleep,


  1. Sorry to hear about the ill, that sucks. Glad you had fun (and are getting better)!

  2. Thanks, the ill is almost gone. I can go back to work tomorrow. ^.=.^