Monday, January 3, 2011

Harpy building down the Rabbit Hole

So this New Years I hung out at the Rabbit Hole with Sammy, Ricalope, and Chris. I kind of went shop crazy at GW and got myself a Tyranid Battleforce Box, a Box of Gargoyles, a Bag of craters, and my very own Harpy Making kit (High Elf Dragon kit, Tyranid Mawloc kit, and lots of Green stuff)
Here's an above shot of my Harpy in the making on New years eve.
Her head.
Her Tails.
I don't have any pics before this... I kind of went gung ho making her.

 So this is her now.
She has a face thanks to Ricalope.
She also has breasts thanks to Sammy.
 Front view... she sort of looks like a spaceship...
and lastly the back. 

Till next time,

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